Friday, June 18, 2010

Beggar's ego

On May 28th, i was waiting in the Kollam railway station to board the Mangalore Express. The train was supposed to arrive at 10.00 P.M. On that day, the train was not on time. It was late by 30 minutes. During this period, an interesting conversation took place between a fellow passenger(A middle aged person) and the beggar.
Beggar :"Please give me some alms..."
Passenger(affirmatively):" I will not give you anything."
Beggar: "Please....". He pleaded.
Passenger(authoritatively): "If you are not going away from my sight,i will call the RPF".
Beggar(angrily):"Do you know expansion of the abbreviation RPF. I know them better than you. I just asked you to do some charity. If you can't then say no. But who are you to call the RPF. He went on blabbering...."
The passenger's embarrassment had no bounds.
P.S: Beggar's ego; Non-beggars' embarrassment.


Jayalakshmi said...

Yes, I have seen such beggers in Bangalore also. When one of my colleague asked a begger whether he will work if got a job, the begger spontaneously said,if you can't give one rupee how will you get a job. If possible help me with some money otherwise keep quiet. I am most happy being like this without anything to worry.

Pratiba Bhat said...

This incident is quite hilarious. :)