Saturday, February 5, 2011

PJ or GJ?

One afternoon, a resource person was delivering a lecture on economics in a MBA Class room. During the course of lecture he asked a question to the students.
RP: How to calculate inflation?
Student(suddenly): Using 'calculator'!
Whole class burst in to laughter.
P.S: This incident is not 'reel' it's 'real'. The reason for the student's riposte is up to the readers guess.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Beggar's ego

On May 28th, i was waiting in the Kollam railway station to board the Mangalore Express. The train was supposed to arrive at 10.00 P.M. On that day, the train was not on time. It was late by 30 minutes. During this period, an interesting conversation took place between a fellow passenger(A middle aged person) and the beggar.
Beggar :"Please give me some alms..."
Passenger(affirmatively):" I will not give you anything."
Beggar: "Please....". He pleaded.
Passenger(authoritatively): "If you are not going away from my sight,i will call the RPF".
Beggar(angrily):"Do you know expansion of the abbreviation RPF. I know them better than you. I just asked you to do some charity. If you can't then say no. But who are you to call the RPF. He went on blabbering...."
The passenger's embarrassment had no bounds.
P.S: Beggar's ego; Non-beggars' embarrassment.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Annus Mirabilis

I was travelling by a flight ;air hostesses were serving the snacks; every thing on the earth were looking like ants;then suddenly i pinched my hand to check that all these were not surreal. Yeah.. It was on 8th April, my dream of flying in an aeroplane materialised. Year 2010 is a memorable and wonderful year to me till date. I visited Mumbai, Ranchi (also MS Dhoni's house from outside), Patna, Bodh Gaya and Kolkata. Also,convocation of my M.Tech is going to be held on May 5,2010 and got promotion in the profession which i pursue. Being a theist, i would like thank my almighty for the wonderful year.

P.S: I dream but don't dream to materialise those dreams. Bad dreamer.. isn't it?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blogger's block

I always feel like writing a blog on daily basis. I think of some topics to write; then i feel that those topics won't impress the readers(if at all there are some.. ha ..ha) . I always start the day with a firm mind on writing something in my blog. But the interest fizzles out gradually then i end up procrastinating the writing. Why is it so? I had read that some writers suffer from writer's block after they write on various topics. So, can i call my problem as blogger's block even though i haven't written many?(ha ha..).
P.S:Any suggestion to my problem is always welcome.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

B(AD) Roads of Dakshina Kannada

Every Sunday i travel to Karkala from my home town Puttur. During this journey, Unfortunately i have to come across two national highways (NH48,NH17) which make the duration of travel almost close to five hours. Actually , the time required is around three and half hours.The biggest contributor to the delay is the NH. I am ashamed to call it national highway. National highway consists of big craters and it has become a kaccha raasta(mud road). During this arduous journey, i felt why can't these roads be used by the advertising agencies to develop the ads for various manufacturers like tyres, automobile spare parts, pain balms, soaps etc. Pain balm companies can make some catchy ads from these road situation and mint money because pain balm is the essential if you travel once along these roads.
I wonder how my collegues travel up down from the home to thier work palce and back daily. So, Govt of India can think of constituting a award (because it is a NH and not a State highway. Otherwise people of coastal region can appeal to the Chief Minister of K'taka.)to those tavel through these roads daily abd yet remain hale. Obviously this award can be in given in the name of one among the Nehru-Gandhi Family( as is the case in our 'bharath'). One of my friend is too philosophical about the bad condition of roads. He thinks that it is the punishment to the people of coastal region for the sins committed by them. But how long the people of this has to undergo this punishment (for those who have not committed sins)? If we finish our quota of punishment here then yamakinkara's( Lord yama's soldiers ) will be jobless in yamaloka(hell) .

Monday, December 22, 2008

Remembering Mrs.Indira Gandhi

After the 26/11 mumbai's  attack i am deeply saddened with the soft approach taken by our government towards the tragedy. we aren't able to do anything (even in diplomatic front) against Pakistan even if we have sufficient evidence against them. This makes me to remember our ex PM Mrs.IndiraGandhi. If she would been there(I mean as a PM) then India's response would been completely different from what I am  seeing today. Even though she had been aristocratic she was very bold enough to counter such situations. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kumble's adieu to international cricket

Anil is a champion cricketer and a perfect gentleman. His  retirement from international cricket has come at right time.  It was a perfect situation at Kotla for him to retire.  Eighteen years of hectic cricket has taken toll on his body. Although he is  irreplaceble  there are many youngsters like Piyush chawla, Amit Mishra waiting to make a mark on the international scene. Team India will miss a strike bowler like him in the coming years but every thing has to end one day or the other. So it's time for the Team India and BCCI to give him a good farewell in accordance to cricketing feats and move on.