Tuesday, September 15, 2009

B(AD) Roads of Dakshina Kannada

Every Sunday i travel to Karkala from my home town Puttur. During this journey, Unfortunately i have to come across two national highways (NH48,NH17) which make the duration of travel almost close to five hours. Actually , the time required is around three and half hours.The biggest contributor to the delay is the NH. I am ashamed to call it national highway. National highway consists of big craters and it has become a kaccha raasta(mud road). During this arduous journey, i felt why can't these roads be used by the advertising agencies to develop the ads for various manufacturers like tyres, automobile spare parts, pain balms, soaps etc. Pain balm companies can make some catchy ads from these road situation and mint money because pain balm is the essential if you travel once along these roads.
I wonder how my collegues travel up down from the home to thier work palce and back daily. So, Govt of India can think of constituting a award (because it is a NH and not a State highway. Otherwise people of coastal region can appeal to the Chief Minister of K'taka.)to those tavel through these roads daily abd yet remain hale. Obviously this award can be in given in the name of one among the Nehru-Gandhi Family( as is the case in our 'bharath'). One of my friend is too philosophical about the bad condition of roads. He thinks that it is the punishment to the people of coastal region for the sins committed by them. But how long the people of this has to undergo this punishment (for those who have not committed sins)? If we finish our quota of punishment here then yamakinkara's( Lord yama's soldiers ) will be jobless in yamaloka(hell) .


aak said...

When such roads necessitate use of pain balms, why the companies think of advertising? The painbalms sell any way!
Ditto with tyre comapnies.

Vinay S, Asst Prof, Dept of ISE, NMAMIT, Nitte said...

Roads... Need to redefine what a road is.. On a stretch of 5 kms, if it contains potholes for 2 km, muddy surface for 2 kms and 1 km proper road then it becomes a ROAD in Dakshina Kannada...